Love, Fear and the Time Machine

Love, Fear and the Time Machine
"Love, Fear and the Time Machine" - this is the title of the sixth Riverside album. The band has just finished composing the new material.

"Our sixth album, six words in the title, sixty minutes of new music, that's about how long the new release will be. And we won't be playing hard rock anymore", Mariusz Duda laughs. "There will be many more melodies dressed in completely different shades. We're changing and evolving as a band, we're growing up but most of all we want to keep recording different albums which are simply great to listen to. And the new one will be like a deep breath of fresh air, very different to what we'd done before."

"Love, fear and the times that have shaped us have the biggest influence on our life choices. The lyrics will be about everything that pushes us to make the most important decisions in our life."

The band is going to start recording the new material in March and it will be possible to follow the progress of their work on a special Instagram profile ( The album will be released in August/September 2015 and some of the new songs will be played at this year's summer festivals. More information will follow soon…

Work in progress

Work in progress
After two months of composing we've got 48 minutes of brand new music. For now IT"S JUST A DEMO material. We're entering the studio in March 2015 but we already know what we'll be working on :)

Walking on a Flashlight Beam out on 13th October!

The new Lunatic Soul (Mariusz Duda solo) will be called “Walking on a Flashlight Beam” and will comprise almost 64 minutes of brand new music. Out on 13th October. Check out the new amazing video!

Mariusz Duda: "Walking On A Flashlight Beam" - the title indicates living in a world of imagination, in a place that's made up and unreal. You can have your head in the clouds, you can chase after rainbows so you can walk on a flashlight beam too. It's a story about choosing to be alone, inspired by the life of people who were completely alienated and withdrawn from social life, who shunned all interactions with the outside world. It's about people who, even on a bright and sunny day, have the curtains drawn and the blinds closed in their rooms. Such people are usually surrounded by books, films, games, figments of other people's imagination. I've written about solitude and living in a world of fiction before in Riverside's lyrics but now I've decided to write a whole album about it.

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