Gigs 2008


We'd like to invite you to a few concerts in May which will hopefully warm you up before one of our most important gig on May 17th in Łódź we're going to make our first official DVD summarizing the "Reality Dream" trilogy.

11.05.08 GDYNIA, UCHO (Poland)
12.05.08 BYDGOSZCZ, ESTRADA (Poland)
13.05.08 PIEKARY ŚL., ANDALUZJA (Poland)
14.05.08 KRAKÓW, STUDIO (Poland)

17.05.08 ŁÓDŹ TOYA TV (Poland)
Łódź: CIK - Piotrkowska 102a; Strefa Biletów - Piotrkowska 59;
Ale Jazz - Pomorska 10; Teatr Wielki - Kawiarnia Teatralna, Plac Dąbrowskiego;

Apart from the above concerts, we're going to perform at a few festivals :)

24.05.08 JUWENALIA, Warsaw, Podzamcze (Poland)
10.07.08 EKO UNION OF ROCK FESTIVAL, Węgorzewo (Poland)
12.07.08 BIELEFELD, MOVIE (Germany)
Tickets: + CTS Concertinfos + pROCKclub-Homepage:

13.07.08 BOSPOP FESTIVAL, Weert (The Netherlands)
(with Anathema, Opeth, Thin Lizzy, Europe and ZZ Top among others)
19.07.08 BURG HERZBERG FESTIVAL, Asfeld (Germany)
14.09.08 FMPM FESTIVAL, Montreal (Canada)
26.09.08 PROGPOWER USA, Atlanta (USA)
(with Amorphis and Iced Earth among others)

See you there!!!