The biggest so far Riverside tour starts in three weeks. The 44 concerts before the end of the year will be promoting the latest, incredibly well received album "Anno Domini High Definition". The material from the new album and some songs lately not played live (or not at all) will be presented at the European tour from September 23rd on. The tickest are available at the venues and at the organisers'.
Hope to see you there!

The dates and venues are as follows:

23.09.09 – BIAŁYSTOK - club „GWINT”
25.09.09 – EŁK - club "E.C.K." + Disperse
26.09.09 – OLSZTYN - club "C.E.I.K." + Disperse
27.09.09 – GDAŃSK – club „PARLAMENT”
28.09.09 – GDYNIA – club „UCHO”
29.09.09 – TORUŃ – club „OD NOWA” + Division by Zero
01.10.09 – POZNAŃ – club „ESCULAP” + Division by Zero
02.10.09 – SZCZECIN – club „SŁOWIANIN” + Division by Zero
03.10.09 – BYDGOSZCZ – club „ESTRADA”
04.10.09 – ZIELONA GÓRA – club "KAWON" + Division by Zero
06.10.09 – WROCŁAW – club „WZ” + Division by Zero
07.10.09 – OPOLE - club – "M.O.K." + Division by Zero
09.10.09 – KRAKÓW – club „ROTUNDA” + Disperse
10.10.09 – BIELSKO BIAŁA – club „RUDE BOY” + Disperse
11.10.09 – KATOWICE – club „MEGA club”
13.10.09 – RZESZÓW – club "POD PALMĄ" + Disperse
14.10.09 – LUBLIN – club „GRAFFITI” + Disperse
16.10.09 – RADOM - club "STREFA G2" + Disperse
17.10.09 – ŁÓDŹ - Hala TOYA Studio + Disperse, Division by Zero
18.10.09 – WARSZAWA – club „PROGRESJA” + Disperse, Iluzjon

26.10.09 – (NL) BUNDE - club „AUW KERK” + The Pineapple Thief
28.10.09 – (NL) HAARLEM - club "PATRONAAT" + The Pineapple Thief
29.10.09 – (NL) LEEUWARDEN - club "POPPODIUM ROMEIN" + The Pineapple Thief
30.10.09 – (NL) ZWOLLE – club „HEDON” + The Pineapple Thief
31.10.09 – (NL) UDEN – club „DE PUL” + The Pineapple Thief
01.11.09 – (BE) VOSSELAAR – club „BIEBOB”
03.11.09 – (DE) BOCHUM – club „ZECHE”
04.11.09 – (FR) COLMAR – club „LE GRILLEN”
06.11.09 – (ES) BARCELONA – club „SALAMANDRA 2” + Harvest
08.11.09 – (IT) PINARELLA di CERVIA – club "ROCKPLANET"
09.11.09 – (IT) ROME – club „CIRCOLO DEGLI ARTISTI” + Moongarden
10.11.09 – (IT) MILAN - club – "ZOE"
11.11.09 – (CH) PRATTELN – club „Z7” + Prisma
13.11.09 – (DE) ASCHAFFENBURG – club „COLOS-SAAL” + Knight Area
14.11.09 – (FR) PARIS – club „LA LOCOMOTIVE”
15.11.09 – (UK) LONDON – club "O2 ACADEMY ISLINGTON" + The Pineapple Thief
16.11.09 – (UK) BILSTON, WOLVERHAMPTON – club „ROBIN 2” + The Pineapple Thief
18.11.09 – (DE) HAMBURG - club "LOGO"
19.11.09 – (DE) BERLIN - club "SAGE club"
26.11.09 – (FI) TAMPERE – club „KLUBI”
27.11.09 – (FI) JYVÄSKYLÄ – club „LUTAKKO” + Adamantra
28.11.09 – (FI) HELSINKI – club „NOSTURI” + Ageness
12.12.09 – (RU) St. PETERSBURG – club „ZAL OZHIDANIYA” + Sense of Touch
13.12.09 – (RU) MOSCOW – club „TOCHKA”

„ADHD” - the best-selling album in Poland!!!


It is a pleasure to inform that "Anno Domini High Definition" has reached the first place of the official sales list ("OLIS").

Last week it debuted on the sixth place, and this week it has reached the first.
It is an honour for us and we would like to thank everybody who has bought our latest record!



Exactly 44 minutes and 44 seconds will be the length of the upcoming, fourth Riverside album entitled “Anno Domini High Definition”, the most energetic and rockin’ record of the band. The material recorded in Studio X in Olsztyn will be released worldwide on June 19th, 2009 by InsideOut, and on June 15th, 2009 in Poland by Mystic Production. The booklet layout has again been designed by Travis Smith.

There will be five pieces on the album:

1. Hyperactive
2. Driven to Destruction
3. Egoist Hedonist
4. Left Out
5. Hybrid Times

Some of them will be played at the forthcoming Riverside concert – on April 26th in Studio club in Kraków.
More details concerning the new album can be found on a special website

„Out of Myself” on vinyl!


The next Riverside on vinyl, after the live LP "Reality Dream", is the band's debut album "Out of Myself", a limited edition of 1000 copies,
released by Primal Vinyl Records. The release date is 16th March, 2009.

Anno Domini High Definition - New details and the studio report!


Riverside is working on the new album - "Anno Domini High Definition". The band has already begun recording, this time in Studio X in Olsztyn. We keep you up-to-date with the process of creation on a special "record" website -

Mariusz Duda: "We have gone from Warsaw, we have changed the studio and the producer. We care deeply about creating a coherent record and that is why most probably there are only going to be 5 songs on it. The material will be energetic, multifarious, and - I hope so - very good for live performances. It will be a story about liquid modernity, life in a constant hurry, stress and anxiety about the future. A picture of our times in 1920 x 1080 definition."

The expected release date is June 2009.

More details soon...

Reality Dream CD and LP


We have some copies of "Reality Dream" left. CD version is available in Laser's Edge on-line store and LP's you can find on our eBay auctions through BUY NOW option.

Upcoming Tour News!!


We would like to inform that during "Reality Dream Tour" you can purchase in our "live shop" the special limited double cd (vinyl replica) and the vinyl itself (both hand numbered), with the show recorded in May 2008. So, be prepared! :))))

CD VERSION (limited to 1000 copies)
CD 1:
1. The Same River
2. Out of Myself
3. Volte-Face
4. Rainbow Box
5. 02 Panic Room
6. I Turned You Down
7. Reality Dream III
8. The Curtain Falls
CD 2:
1. Parasomnia
2. Second Life Syndrome
3. Back To The River
4. Conceiving You
5. Before
6. Ultimate Trip
LP VERSION (limited to 500 copies)
1. The Same River
2. Volte - face
3. 02 Panic Room
4. I Turmed You Down
5. Parasomnia
6. Out of Myself
7. Before
8. The Curtain Falls
9. Reality Dream III
10. Ultimate Trip

Reality Dream Tour


Although at the moment we are not able to give you the exact date, the premier of the fist DVD of the band is getting really close now. We are doing our best, but unfortunately the realization and production does not depend on us.
Reality Dream Tour will be full of other attractions such as: visualizations, new t-shirts designs and, who knows, maybe something from the forthcoming ADHD?

The special guest of the tour’s European part will be a promising band from France: Lazuli

Below you will find the detailed tour plan:

26.11.08 LUBLIN klub C.K. Lublin godz. 20:00 (PL)
27.11.08 WROCŁAW klub Radio Wrocław godz. 20:00 (PL) special guest: The Last Supper (acoustic show)
28.11.08 KATOWICE klub MegaClub godz. 20:00 (PL)
29.11.08 WARSZAWA klub Progresja godz. 20:00 (PL)
30.11.08 GDAŃSK klub Parlament godz. 20:00 (PL)
10.12.08 AMSTERDAM klub Paradiso (NL)
11.12.08 PARIS klub La Scene Bastille (F)
13.12.08 BOCHUM klub Zeche (D)
14.12.08 LIMBOURG klub Kursaal (B)
15.12.08 MAINZ klub Kuz (D)
16.12.08 PRATTELN klub Z-7 (CH)

Anno Domini High Definition


Between the concerts, preparing live DVD and realizing some solo projects, the band has already started to work on the material for the newest record.
Its title will probably be “Anno Domini High Definition”. This record is planned to be the most energetic of all those released so far. Soon, there will be a separate column added to our website, where you may learn about the process of its production.

The band will start to record in January 2009 and the release is planned at the turn of May and June 2009.

Upcoming shows:
06.09.2008 INO-ROCK Festival, "Teatr Letni" Inowrocław (PL)
14.09.2008 FMPM Festival The Salle Pierre Mercure, Montreal (Canada)
26.09.2008 Prog Power USA Atlanta (U.S.A)

Lunatic Soul on Kscope and Mystic Production


Mariusz Duda, Riverside's singer and bass player, together with fellow musicians, has just finished working on his solo album, "Lunatic Soul." The release date has been set for October 13th, 2008. The album will be released on the British label - Kscope, known for having released the earlier albums of Porcupine Tree, and presently producing Anathema and No-Man. In Poland on Mystic Production. On the Lunatic Soul album you will find 10 atmospheric tracks making up 47 minutes of music.

Mariusz Duda: "I touched upon a vital subject on this record, namely... death. What came out of this was a conceptual journey to the world beyond full of reflections on transience and all we may want to leave after we pass (if we want to leave anything). In the sphere of music, it will be intriguing. I would call those sounds oriental-alternative, not really having anything in common with progressive rock. An interesting fact is that there is no electric guitar here at all."

You can listen to some fragments of Lunatic Soul music at: