Michał Łapaj

It has lived in my heart for quite a time and I don't think eviction is about to happen. It's been with me in every second of my life. I wake up and fall asleep to the sound of music. I adore each and every side of it, regardless of the genre - whether it's classical romantic Brahms or devilish slaughter of some death metal band. But I'm most deeply rooted in the old, classic rock. My father has been feeding me that since I was a small child - maybe that's why it's stuck with me. I remember that when I got my first instrument, I played Deep Purple, and then Rainbow, etc. for hours on end. Getting to know new stuff gave me great satisfaction and, unwilling to confine myself to one genre, I tried to play a bit of everything. Going through the thicket of different sounds, artists, and ideas I've been learning the techniques I apply today.

...? I don't know why the keyboards. It all started from my mother's band. I guess I was four years old when, under the floor of our flat, there were their rehearsals. After they finished, I'd always go down there and get my hands on the keyboards. I remember that it was the keyboardist who, out of the whole band, modified his sound the most. Standing behind the keys, he had a whole range of tones, from pianos to strings, to organs, at his disposal (in those days, those sounds were bloody awesome).

In spite of that fascination, in 1995, I started to learn to play the flute in a musical school. I have fond memories of those days, still, I was more attracted to the keyboards and found my way to the Organists Training Institute. These days I'm studying in a private school of jazz music. I've been playing a lot of instruments in my life, but keyboards are most fulfilling for me. It is their variety and range of sounds that allow me to put my ideas into practice.

...is something I see in every moment of my life. Most of all, I'm inspired by the emotional state I'm in. I sit down at the instrument and let it flow onto the black and white keys. I get a lot of ideas when I have some interesting sound "at my fingers". And also when I practise, I tend to experiment with some new interpretations.

Most of all, love and friendship. I feel empty and lost without them. My family, who support me in every situation, are a priority for me. They are a point of reference, which is essential for everyone.

When I have it, I devote it to my beloved girlfried and to music. I realize what's on my mind. Creating something new and unconventional is what makes me feel satisfied. I'm glad to use it in the music.

I don't have one favourite album. The band I respect most is, of course, Deep Purple, and especially Jon Lord (he is sort of a God for me). But apart from the English rock, I love listening to classical music, or film music, which is very emotional and sometimes influences my frame of mind. This is the list of albums I tortured my family with:

  • Jon Lord - Sarabande
  • Deep Purple - wszystkie
  • Rainbow - On Stage / Rising / Long Live Rock'n'Roll
  • Yes - Close to the Edge / Releayer / Talk / Fragile
  • U.K. - UK
  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer – ELP, Tarkus, Trilogy, Pictures at an Exhibition
  • Prodigy – The fat of the land, Music from the Jilted Generation
  • Dream Theater – Awake, Images and Words, Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory
  • Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
  • Massive Attack – Mezzanine
  • Vangelis - 1492
  • The Derek Truks Band - Joyful Noise
  • Black Mountain – In the future

When I got an offer to play and the CD from Grudzień, I thought "another project, another bunch of fellas with 'huge' ambitions and superb ideas for the future." But after I'd listened to their album I didn't even hesitate - I knew I had to be in their lineup. And it happened so already at my first rehearsal with them. The guys turned out to be great musicians and friends. I finally have a bloody brilliant Band!!!
Riverside is the aim of my agelong pursuit. It is a river of ideas from which I fish out sounds that make my soul happy. It is an escape from the commercial stuff I despise it is my place in music.